AngryFan Recaps Danja Zone vs Lotta Zay In New Blog

AngryFan drops a new recap blog for Danja Zone vs Lotta Zay that recently dropped from Syndicate Cartel. AngryFan comments on Danja Zone’s performance saying “At one point in time we were all just clowning this n*gga for his boots when he battled Goodz, me included. Me included, I’m not even gonna front. He out bar’d Goodz, but I clearly got Goodz winning. What are we doing with this n*gga now? That battle right there has brought a beast out of this n*gga Danja Zone. He beat the sh*t outta Lotta Zay.” Watch AngryFans’ full recap blog on Lotta Zay vs Danja Zone above.