Daylyt Announces He’s Battling Danny Myers’ Wife, Vicki Myers

Daylyt vs Vicki Myers Announced

Daylyt drops a new blog announcing to the world that he will be battling Danny Myers’ wife, Vicki Myers, at L.A. BattleGroundz’ July 25th event. This is the same day that URL’s (still not officially announced) Redemption event will be going down in New York City that features Danny Myers vs T-Rex. Daylyt comments on the fact that Vicki Myers will not have her husband by her side saying “I am going to do something very mean to her Danny…very mean. And there’s nothing you can do about it because you have to go battle in New York and she’s going to be there with me in the ring alone and you cannot save her.”

Daylyt hints at possibly using an antic referencing that his use of antics began on LA BattleGroundz when he dressed up as a KKK member vs Interstate Fatz. Daylyt says “L.A. BattleGroundz. My home, my stomping grounds. The beginning of the Daylyt antics – the KKK. If it wasn’t for LA BattleGroundz and that event, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” Stay tuned to BattleRapNews for more information on both Daylyt vs Vicki Myers and Danny Myers vs T-Rex.