OD Announces AHAT vs UDubb Event, Addresses RBE

After weeks of back and forth blogs between OD and ARP and interviews with both league owners, it now seems like fans will not be seeing a AHAT vs RBE event after all. In this new blog from OD, the AHAT owner announces that “We weren’t able to get everything agreed upon like right now, so that’s something that possibly can happen in the near future, but it’s not going to happen right now. Once I realized that that event wasn’t going to happen like right now, because I want AHAT New York – their first event to be against another New York battle league, so once me and RBE we kinda figured we wasn’t going to do it like right right now, so then I reached out to Arsonal. And you guys know Arsonal, he’s like one of the biggest battle rappers in he world and one of the most viewed battler rappers in the world. And along with being one of the biggest battlers in the world, he also runs a big battle league called UDubb battle league out their in New York. So I reached out to him and was like ‘Man what’s happening? I got AHAT New York, you got UDubb, what’s up with our leagues or our divisions battling? And he was with it.”

Listen to the full blog with AHAT owner OD above.