Premier Battles Tell The Unbelievable Story Of How Four Battlers Backed-Out Of “APEX”

Premier Battle League owners, Shotty Horroh and Bison Briggz, address fans for the first time about the recent changes to the “APEX” card and explain in detail how Chef Trez, Mike P, Nu Jerzey Twork and Tay Roc all have backed-out of the September 7th card. This video comes just hours after it was announced that Nu Jerzey Twork will be battling on the same day as “APEX” at The Ultimate Rap League’s “Summer Impact Reloaded” event. Shotty and Briggz explain that “APEX” will still be going down despite the overwhelming changes to the lineup, which now consists of:┬áSoul vs MadFlex, Oshea vs Matter for the Premier title, Shox vs A. Ward, and Real Deal vs JShort.