Cassidy Responds To Tay Roc In New 15MOFE Interview

15MOFE speaks with Cassidy in a new phone interview to get his thoughts on Cave Gang member, Tay Roc, following comments that were made by both artists in the recent days. Earlier this week, Cassidy was asked about comments Tsu Surf made about him in a HipHopIsReal interview and Cass responded that URLTV doesn’t feel Tsu Surf is a safe investment following the legal situation that caused Surf to miss “Summer Impact”. When a clip of Cassidy’s interview was posted to Twitter, Tay Roc commented above the clip “U don’t wanna battle Surf.. Now u can see me… Not saying nothing else”. All of this comes after the announcement that Cassidy would be returning to URLTV to take on Arsonal Da Rebel at their Oct 6th “Lock Down” event in Philadelphia, PA.