Danny Myers On T-Rex Battle “This Gonna Be Ugly” (BattleRapNews Exclusive)

Danny Myers vs T-Rex / BattleRapNews Exclusive

Danny Myers sits down with us to discuss the long awaited battle vs Dot Mobb’s own, T-Rex. This match-up is now months in the making, with URL’s Norbes originally putting the battle in motion by asking fans if they wanted to see the battle, to Danny Myers & URL having a fallout becasue of contract negotiations, to Danny Myers paying T-Rex $12k to make the battle happen without URL, to the battle finally being booked to go down on Black Ice Cartel but Rex no-showing to their scheduled bout, to finally the Ultimate Rap League picking up the battle after Battle Rap media’s continued push to see the match-up go down. Now URL has built an entire card around T-Rex vs Danny Myers entitled Redemption, which will finally go down July 25th in New York City at the Gramercy Theater.

After months of other people weighing in on the drama that was happening with the Myers vs Rex battle, including Tsu Surf, Mickey Factz, K-Shine, Danny Myers himself weighs in on his Rex battle from beginning to end. Myers gives his opinion on paying Rex $12k to make the battle happen, how his style of battling plays against T-Rex, and comments on the fact that he will be battling one of the kings of New York in NYC. Watch the full Danny Myers vs T-Rex interview above and cop your tickets to URL’s Redemption here.