Daylyt Speaks On Back & Forth With Dizaster During KOTD’s B2B2, Recaps Danja Zone Battle speaks with Daylyt, Danja Zone, and Chilla Jones after King Of The Dot’s Back 2 Basics 2 event came to a conclusion late Saturday night. Daylyt discusses the shot Dizaster took at him during his Chilla Jones battle saying “That hurt me, because a lot of people ask me ‘What happened between y’all and I’m like, I don’t know.” Daylyt and Danja Zone also speak on their KOTD B2B2 main event battle with Daylyt calling it 2-1 either way and Danja Zone described their battle as “a dope back & forth”. Chilla Jones also chimes in by describing Daylyt vs Danja Zone as a Battle Of The Year candidate. If you didn’t watch KOTD’s Back 2 Basics live, you can now watch the PPV replay available at KOTD.TV