Debo Announces His Departure From Battle Rap On AngryFans Radio

AngyrFans Radio has Queen Of The Ring’s Debo on the show to recap “Watch The Throne 2” & discuss the unfortunate altercations that occurred during the Feb 7th event. Fans will be extremely disappointed to hear that Debo also announces his plans to leave Battle Rap as a result of the hard work he has put into the sport as a league owner being met with a lack of respect from the people that ruined the mega WTT2 event. Debo says he plans to leave Queen Of The Ring in the hands of his current partners Babs & Vague. After years of bridging the gap between male & female Battle Rap, we hope the QOTR founder changes his mind in the future & continues to build the number one female Battle Rap league into an even larger platform.