Debo Talks QOTR & URLTV “Royalty” Event, Says Tori Doe vs Chess Face-Off Dropping

HipHopIsReal catches up with Queen Of The Ring’s Debo to discuss the newly announced “Royalty” event that has URLTV and QOTR partnering together for the first time. Debo discusses the rollout of the announcement that had Champion, HipHopIsReal, 15MOFE, PSA Hip Hop, Black Compass Media, and Batttle Rap Trap all premier the event’s trailer at the same time on their individual YouTube pages. “Royalty” goes down on January 11th in Richmond, VA and features the lineup: Ms Hustle vs 40 B.A.R.R.S., Chess vs Tori Doe, Official vs Rum Nitty, Cortez & Ms.Fit vs Geechi Gotti & Coffee Brown, Casey Jay vs Ms Murk, and Diesel vs Chetta.