DNA & Big T Debate Murda Mook’s Legacy

DNA and Big T each give their responses when a caller on TheWarReport questions Murda Mook’s legacy saying that Charlie Clips’ resume is actually better than Mook’s. DNA responds first saying “I got two words to answer that question: he’s scared.” Big T also adds “Who is his resume better than period though. His resume ain’t better than DNA’s, his resume ain’t better than mine, his resume ain’t better than Hollow’s. Cause we all been in wars. It’s a timing thing.”

The debate on Murds Mook’s career continues throughout the interview with DNA saying “I think Murda Mook is a legend. One of the pioneers in Battle Rap. But I also feel like it’s for so long that you can hold on to something if you’re not proving it right now. No matter what somebody tries to say about me like you know the whole style thing, I prove myself more than other n*ggas do because I’m beating n*ggas that’s the new generation. So if I’m still hanging with the n*ggas that’s supposed to be the future, what can you really say. My spot is still here. My sh*t is still solidified because I’m knocking down n*ggas that are supposed to be the ones to take me out.”

DNA continues to speak on Murda Mook’s legacy by saying “Now Mook on the other hand, his two battles is against n*ggas that’s from his era. Like if Michael Jordan was to come back right now I don’t want to see Michael Jordan face Magic Johnson. I wanna see Michael Jordan go against Lebron to see if he can beat Lebron. So when Mook is coming back, it’s not exciting to me because you’re not showing that you could go toe-to-toe with the newer generation. You’re just having matches that didn’t happen years ago.” Listen to the entire interview of DNA & Big T debating Murda Mook’s legacy.