DNA Wants Murda Mook To Be His Final Opponent Before Retiring

15MOFE’s HeavyBags talks to legendary Queens battler DNA on who he’d want his last opponent to be before retiring. DNA has had a historic career already having battled almost every big name in the culture over the last six years. DNA tells Battle Rap fans “If I had to pick my last battle, I would say I would want to face Murda Mook and that’s only because when I first started battle rapping I watched Murda Mook. So if I had to end my career, it would probably be against the dude that actually made me start watching. I would want to go out destroying him and go off in the sunset as DNA destroyed Murda Mook and DNA retired.”

Mr. GTFOH goes on to guarantee fans that he will not be retiring anytime soon saying “As long as they keep paying that money I’m nowhere near close.” Watch the full 15MOFE interview with DNA on his retirement above.