Jae Dot Jae Recaps His Complex Battle With HipHopIsReal

HipHopIsReal spoke with Jae Dot Jae afer his infamous Quiet Room battle vs Complex. During the battle, Jae Dot Jae threw pom poms, dunked on, & Stone Cold Stunned his opponent. jae Dot Jae breaks down his behavoir to HipHopIsReal.com saying “To all you n*ggas who don’t wanna battle me, thinking I do stupid shit, I come up to you ahead of time and ask you & let you know what I’m a do. I’m not gonna just do it and disrespect. This is real n*gga sh*t. So if you dumb*ss n*ggas is f*cking smart, and you wanna get a motherf*cking battle with Jae Dot Jae, just know one thing: you gonna be a f*cking celebrity n*gga. You gonna be a star.” Watch the entire post-battle interview above.