Math Hoffa Hints At Exposing Battlers With Ghostwriters During His URL Return

15MOFE has Math Hoffa on the show to discuss his rumored return to URL, Murda Mook & Tsu Surf, and battlers reusing bars. The Brooklyn legend also hints at waiting until his return battle on URL to possibly expose specific battlers for having ghostwriters. When asked about Tsu Surf standing at the front of the stage holding his phone when Math was brought out at URL’s Redemption, Hoffa says “He was probably calling a ghostwriter or something”. Later in the interview Math Hoffa says “I know of one situation where a n*gga is getting a lot of praise, like he’s ‘Top 5’, and the n*gga that’s writing for him is not even battling on his league.” When asked to name the Top 5, Math Hoffa says “I’m a save this for the stage” adding “My comeback on URL, I’m a change the game I’m telling you. I’m changing the game. I’m putting everything in f*cking order again.” Watch the full 15MOFE interview above and check out Math Hoffa’s newest music video “My Music” that dropped this week.