Murda Mook Announces He’s Battling Tsu Surf On AngryFans Radio

Murda Mook vs Tsu Surf Confirmed

AngryFans Radio has Murda Mook on the show who announces that he is locked-in to battle Tsu Surf. Tsu Surf had already confirmed that contracts had been signed for his next battle during his 10 minute argument with Cortez, but he only alluded to his opponent being Mook. While Murda Mook had previously announced that he is locked-in for his next battle, this is the first confirmation that Murda Mook vs Tsu Surf is actually going down.

Talks of this battle began after URL’s NOME5 when Drake was asked if he’d ever battle Murda Mook to which he replied “You gotta beat Surf first”. Many Battle Rap fans began to question whether Mook, one of the legendary forefathers of Battle Rap, could defeat someone from this generation of the sport. Surf himself has added to that point saying “Mook wanna be solidified as the best, and I have no problem saying Mook is god. He’s a god to the Battle Rap world. But for you to finish up that legacy you gotta take somebody from this era. Everybody else did it. Why is Mook exempt?”

Murda Mook’s opinion on battling Tsu Surf has been that, even though he feels Hollow Da Don may be the most logical next opponent for him, Surf may be the better grudge match. BattleRapNews will continue to update fans as more details emerge on the now confirmed Murda Mook vs Tsu Surf battle.