Norbes Warns Charlie Clips Not To Battle Loaded Lux

The Ultimate Rap League’s Norbes sits down with to discuss the upcoming Daylyt vs Big T battle on URL, Danny Myers vs T-Rex, and the potential Charlie Clips vs Loaded Lux battle at Summer Madness 5. When asked about the potential Charlie Clips vs Loaded Lux battle happening at SM5 is brought up, Norbes says “I like Lux man. I could watch Lux battle all day. He’s a phenomenal – he’s a phenom and Charlie Clips is the same way. I just don’t want it to be like the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, like it doesn’t like up to the hype. I believe those two guys are so focused on being the best. I’ll be honest with you, if I was Clips, I would not battle Lux at Summer Madness. I do not want to be the dude that, don’t get it twisted, he did what he did on the Total Slaughter sh*t whatever. Like I said it don’t count unless it’s on Smack, but in that n*gga’s mind, Lux? I do not want to be nowhere near that n*gga when he starts putting that pen to the paper.” Watch the full interview with Norbes above.