P.Diddy Asked T-Rex About Daylyt “Why Is That N*gga Dot Mobb?”

RapGrid sits down with T-Rex to ask him if he knew what P.Diddy’s reaction was to Daylyt’s infamous VladTV interviews where he said he wanted to have sex with the Bad Boy Records CEO. Rex says he talked to P.Diddy directly about it saying “He was very offended. He was very offended, he was very upset and I spoke to him. He was actually like ‘Why is that n*gga Dot Mobb?. We don’t stand by that sh*t you know, no homo sh*t’. Sh*t bothered him a lot. But I explained to him, Daylyt entering the family, we talked about Daylyt being Daylyt and not trying to change him and that was one of the obligations. So me going back on my word for a n*gga that became my brother, it meant more to keep my word with Daylyt. And I explained to Diddy how Daylyt was. We (Rex & P.Diddy) don’t have a crazy crazy relationship but he gave a n*gga $12,000 and we actually do speak. He pick up his phone every now and then. He was uncomfortable with the sh*t and I explained to him what Daylyt is and how Daylyt do. Daylyt is not a homo. His girl is bad as a motherf*cker. He a real n*gga that will do something to you. He’s an attention whore and he’s gonna get it. And ya’ll n*ggas keep falling into his trap. He’s easing past the n*ggas that might could f*ck with him because he’s doing sh*t that a n*gga won’t do.¬† And then when he get in there with a n*gga that could f*ck with him, he’ll f*ck him up. Then do some weird sh*t the next weekend.” Watch the full RapGrid interview with T-Rex above.