Pat Stay Addresses Calicoe Battle On PSA Radio

PSA Radio has Pat Stay on the show to discuss his widely talked about battle vs Calicoe that went down this past Saturday at KOTD’s MASSacre. The King Of The Dot champion speaks on his own performance during the Calicoe battle saying “My round 1, solid, great. My round 1 was better than all 3 of his rounds. My rounds 2 and 3, I was just rapping and it’s because I didn’t know Calicoe. I met him in Arizona, he was cool, I didn’t know nothing about him man. I seen his blogs. The only thing I ever seen him saying (was) I’m cool. ‘I like Pat Stay, he’s cool.’ Numerous different blogs saying I’m cool & he likes me, sh*t like that. I was like whatever man, I’m just gonna rap with this guy. So I was spitting just a bunch of f*cking meaningless multis and sh*t like that. I wish I had time to rewrite my sh*t once I met him. Once I seen the type of guy he is, so I coulda came more personal at him.”

Pat Stay later addresses Calicoe’s aggression in the battle saying “I didn’t give a f*ck about that situation man. I knew that he was belligerent drunk. He asked the promoter if we could go early, that’s why we weren’t the main event, cause he was drinking. He didn’t wanna be too f*cking sloppy drunk, right. I don’t even think he was irritated. I think he was just drunk.” Listen to the full PSA interview with Pat Stay above.