Smack Says URL Probably Won’t Do PPV Again On AngryFans Radio

AngryFans Radio has URL’s Smack on the show to discuss the success of Night Of Main Events 5 that just went down this past Saturday. Smack tells Battle Rap fans that he recently spoke with Hollow Da Don, and as the Queens battler is eager to get back on URL’s stage, he will not be returning by Summer Madness 5. After being asked what it was like offering a Live PPV for the first time, Smack says “It was definitely a learning experience. You know, I’m not a fan of the PPV sh*t to keep it real. But I sacrificed one of my marque events which was NOME5 just to appease the fans because they’ve been requesting me to do it for so long.” Smack goes on to later say “I just like for the real fans out there that really support – I like them to have access to the content because I know how they feel not being able to make it to New York. Not being able to come to the event and experiencing it in the physical form. Just have the availability to actually watch it in the comfort of their own homes. I want them to have that experience you know what I mean. So I tried it one time. We did the best that we could and it was a success, but I don’t know man. I really gotta sit down and really analyze to see. You know I work with partners and and everything like that and we got a board, but when it comes down to see if we gonna do it again, my vote is gonna be nay.” Listen to the full AngryFans Radio interview with Smack above.