Stiz Says He Has Spoken With T-Rex & Tay Roc Separately, Says He Doesn’t Know If Rex & Roc Have Spoken

HipHopIsReal releases a new phone interview with The Battle Academy owner, Stiz, who updates fans on the status of the T-Rex vs Tay Roc battle. Stiz says that he has spoken with both artists and both understand the business element of the event and know that their fans want to see it go down without any altercations. Stiz says he is unaware if Tay Roc and T-Rex have spoken directly to each other, which is something some fans had hoped the league may facilitate prior to the battle. Stiz also says that The Battle Academy has another major announcement for a separate event coming soon. Tay Roc vs T-Rex goes down on November 23rd at The Battle Academy’s “Respect The Shooter” event in Philadelphia, PA.