Tsu Surf Comments On Tay Roc Taking Brizz Rawsteen After Their NOME5 Battle

Tsu Surf Comments on Tay Roc vs Brizz Rawsteen

PSA Radio speaks with Tsu Surf on his last opponent Tay Roc battling Brizz Rawsteen at URL’s upcoming (and still not officially announced) Redemption event July 25th. Surf breaks down why he thinks it was a bad idea for Tay Roc to battle Brizz Rawsteen immediately after taking on Surf at NOME5 and after many believe Brizz lost to Aye Verb at Rookies vs Vets. Surf also weighs in on the topic of the month in Battle Rap, will he battle Murda Mook. Listen to the full Tsu Surf interview breaking down Tay Roc vs Brizz Rawsteen with PSA Radio above.