Tsu Surf Explains Why He Decided To Battle Reed Dollaz

PSA Hip Hop has Battle Rap superstar Tsu Surf on the show to discuss his talked about battle vs Reed Dollaz that was announced this week for URLTV’s “SMACK Volume 5”. Tsu Surf says that he is taking Reed Dollaz because of the fall-out from being locked up and missing his GunTitles vs Loaded Hollows 2-on-2 battle at URLTV’s “Summer Impact”. The New Jersey native says that he was paid his first half for the 2-on-2 match, but after having to cancel, he owed URLTV a battle and The Ultimate Rap League still owed him the second half of his payment. Tsu Surf says that battling Reed Dollaz was partly a compromise to fulfill his battle obligation to URLTV and partly to not risk being underpaid for a more requested match against an opponent such as John John Da Don, Cortez, JC, or Goodz.