Tsu Surf Says “Rex Is Officially Retired” & Talks Potential Opponents For SM5

15MOFE’s HeavyBags catches up with Tsu Surf after URL’s Redemption to get his opinion on the event and discuss who he may battle next at Summer Madness 5. Surf plays Kenny Smith to announce “Rex is officially retired”, which ends rumors that Battle Rap fans could see a Tsu Surf vs T-Rex match-up at SM5. Tsu Surf also gets asked about whether he’d battle Math Hoffa at Summer Madness, to which he replies “I’ll battle Goodz before I battle Math”. Goodz vs Surf was originally being setup for SM5 before Drake gave a huge push for Surf’s next battle to be against Murda Mook when Drake challenged Mook to battle Tsu Surf at URL’s NOME5. Now it seems like this battle may have come full circle after the overall request from fans for Surf vs Mook to go down is still in question and Mook has publicly stated a fairly high asking price to battle Surf – $100k. Tsu Surf does say that he and Murda Mook talk frequently about the battle and that the Harlem legend does want it to go down. Surf says there are actually a couple potential investors and that he could get a call to book the battle vs Mook anyday. Battle fans will have to wait and see to see who Tsu Surf faces at Summer Madness 5, but it seems Rex and Math are out of the picture as of now.