Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh Rematch Trailer for KOTD’s MASSacre

King Of The Dot releases the full trailer for the epic Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh rematch going down May16th at KOTD’s MASSacre event. The first time these two battlers clashed it resulted in a now 6.5 million-view historical battle. Now after 2 years have passed, the two MC’s will meet again on LIVE PPV. In the trailer, Arsonal speaks on the impact of their first battle saying “He’s one of my greatest creations. Like Hitman, I created Hitman. I created Shotty Horroh. Them two I’ve created and made them who they are and put them in the position that they in now.” Watch the full Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh trailer above and cop the LIVE PPV for KOTD’s MASSacre at