Chef Trez vs Dre Dennis: NOME5 Proving Grounds Trailer

The Ultimate Rap League announces in this new trailer that Spit Dat Heat’s rising star Chef Trez will be making his URL debut vs Dre Dennis at this year’s NOME5 Proving Grounds event. Dre Dennis has received a lot of attention from the Battle world the past few days after his battle vs Tink Da Demon was released. Following the battle, Daylyt released a music video titles “PG Step” poking fun at the popular hand motions many Proving Grounds battlers have been using lately. The video included footage of Dre’s performance vs Tink Da Demon, which prompted him to release his own remix of Daylyt’s “PG Step”. Check out Dre Dennis vs Tink Da Demon in our Battles section and PG Step Remix in the Music Videos section.