Daylyt vs Ooops Trailer From RBE

Rare Breed Entertainment drops a new trailer for their upcoming headline battle of Blood Sweat & Tiers 2, Daylyt vs Ooops. Following the same cinematic theme that many of RBE’s trailer have, Daylyt is shown being interviewed by 15MOFE’s HeavyBags when he is asked which other WritersBloque members would he battle. Daylyt is shown remembering footage from Ooops’ battles, but tells HeavyBags he will get back to him with the answer. After Bagz turns off the camera and walks out of the room, Daylyt takes out both a red and blue pill as he contemplates which side of Daylyt he wants to bring out for this battle. In the end, Daylyt takes the blue pill.

        The second part of the trailer shows Ooops in an office space speaking with fellow St. Louis battler B Magic. B Magic tells Ooops to checkout what Daylyt has been doing online recently, saying “He’s in a skirt”. Oops goes on to pull up Daylyt’s music video dissing Young Thug titled “Choppa & Pink Skirts” where Daylyt does where a pink skirt in the video. After watching the music video, Ooops makes a phone call saying “It’s time I talk to this n*gga.” letting fans know he has accepted the battle. Watch the entire trailer above and make to purchase the PPV on RapGrid to watch all of the BST2 battles shortly after the event goes down.