John John Da Don vs Kid Twist B2B trailer from KOTD

King Of The Dot drops a new trailer for John John Da Don vs Kid Twist going down April 18th at KOTD’s Back 2 Basics event. The trailer includes battle footage from John John Da Don’s last KOTD battle vs Thesaurus and Kid Twist’s most recent battle vs Shuffle-T. It also features commentary from Thesaurus himself and Pyscoses. Make sure to purchase KOTD’s B2B’s PPV to watch this battle plus: Head I.C.E vs KG The Poet, Thesaurus vs Rone, Remy D vs Pyscoses, Xcel vs PNut, Sketch menace vs Reverse Live, Fredo vs Anygma, Danny Myers vs Cali Smoov, and MegaDef vs MadFlex.